”41JSID”Dates : December 9 (Fri.)- 11(Sun.), 2016 / Venue : SENDAI INTERNATIONAL CENTER, Sendai, Japan

The 41st Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society for Investigative Dermatology




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Tanioku Kihei Memorial Lecture

December 10 (Sat) 10:40-11:10 Room A
「Tregs and their role in cutaneous immunity」
Alexander H. Enk (Department of Dermatology, University of Heidelberg)


JSID-Asia-Oceania-Forum 1
December 9 (Fri) 13:55-14:25 Room A
「RFX1 contributes to Immune Dysfunction in Lupus through Epigenetic Changes」
Qianjin Lu  (The Department Chair of the Affiliated Hospital to Xiangya
 Medical School, Zhongnan University located in Changsha,
 Hunan Province, China)
JSID-Asia-Oceania-Forum 2
December 9 (Fri) 13:55-14:25 Room B
「Trans-ethnic meta-analysis identifies multiple SLE associated loci and provides evidence for increased genetic risk of disease in non-Europeans」
Cui Yong  (Department of Dermatology, China-Japan Friendship Hospital Beijing,
JSID-Asia-Oceania-Forum 3
December 10 (Sat) 13:30-14:00 Room A
「UV-induced hyperpigmentary disorders and fibroblast senescence」
Hee Young Kang  (Department of Dermatology, Ajou University Institute for
 Medical Sciences, Suwon, Korea)
JSID-Asia-Oceania-Forum 4
December 10 (Sat) 13:30-14:00 Room B
「Regulation of IgE-Mediated Food Allergy by IL-9 Producing Mucosal Mast Cells and Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells」
Jee-Boong Lee (Ewha Womens University, Seoul, Korea)
JSID-Asia-Oceania-Forum 5
December 11 (Sun) 12:15-12:45 Room A
「Galectins in Skin Homeostasis and Inflammation」
Fu-Tong Liu (Institute of Biomedical Sciences Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
JSID-Asia-Oceania-Forum 6
December 11 (Sun) 12:15-12:45 Room B
「Multicolour lineage tracing to evaluate epidermal clonal evolution in homeostasis and injury」
Kiarash Khosrotehrani  (UQ Centre for Clinical Research
 Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
 SOMSouthern - Medicine - Princess Alexandra Hospital
 Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences)

Invited Lecture

Invited Lecture 1
December 9 (Fri) 14:25-14:55 Room A
「Innate lymphoid cells and inflammation」
Shigeo Koyasu  (RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences,
 Laboratory for Immune Cell Systems)
Invited Lecture 2
December 9 (Fri) 14:55-15:25 Room A
「RASopathies: genetic syndromes associated with the Ras/MAPK pathway」
Yoko Aoki  (Department of Genetics, Tohoku University Graduate
 School of Medicine)
Invited Lecture 3
December 10 (Sat) 11:10-11:40 Room A
「Molecular Basis of the Keap1-Nrf2 System Regulating Environmental Stress Response」
Masayuki Yamamoto  (Division of Medical Biochemistry, Tohoku University
 Graduate School of Medicine)
Invited Lecture 4
December 10 (Sat) 11:40-12:10 Room A
「Novel therapeutic strategies targeting cancer stem cells」
Hideyuki Saya  (Division of Gene Regulation, Institute for
 Advanced Medical Research (IAMR)
 Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo Japan)
Invited Lecture 5
December 10 (Sat) 14:00-14:30 Room A
「Proteoglycans and hyaluronan in physiology and disease」
Yu Yamaguchi (Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute)
Invited Lecture 6
December 10 (Sat) 14:30-15:00 Room A
「Roles of Rab small GTPases in membrane traffic: molecular mechanisms of melanosome transport in melanocytes」
Mitsunori Fukuda  (Laboratory of Membrane Trafficking Mechanisms,
 Department of Developmental Biology and Neurosciences,
 Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University)
Invited Lecture 7
December 11 (Sun) 11:15-11:45 Room A
「Unique Newly Discovered Muse Cells May Lead to the Paradigm Shift of Stem Cell Therapy」
Mari Dezawa  (Department of Stem Cell Biology and Histology
 Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine)
Invited Lecture 8
December 11 (Sun) 11:45-12:15 Room A
「Recent progress of immunotherapies for melanoma -Immune-checkpoint blockade, T cell based adoptive cell therapy and beyond-」
Yutaka Kawakami  (Institute for Advanced Medical Research,
 Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University)

Morning seminar organized by the 41JSID local committee

Morning Seminar 4
December 11 (Sun) 8:00-8:40 Room A
「The Great East Japan Earthquake: From lessons to science based practice」
Shinichi Egawa  (International Research Institute of Disaster Science,
 Disaster Medical Science Division, International Cooperation
 for Disaster Medicine)

JSID Award Lecture

December 9 (Fri) 10:30-11:00 Room A
The scientist among JSID members with the most outstanding research achievement in the past five years will be awarded the JSID Award, and he/she will be given an opportunity to present at the meeting.
The awardee will be selected based on nominations by the Committee on Scientific Activities.

JSID Kisaragi Award

December 9 (Fri) 11:00-11:05 Poster Venue
The most active participant of the JSID Kisaragi Juku (JSID Young Academician-Fostering Seminar), held every year in February, will be awarded the JSID Kisaragi Award.

Awards Ceremony

Part 1

December 9 (Fri) 19:40-20:15 Poster Venue
  1. JSID's Fellowship SHISEIDO Research Grant
    The JSID in collaboration with SHISEIDO Company, Limited, grants the JSID's Fellowship SHISEIDO Research Grant, to promote dermatological studies and aid promising domestic dermatologists.
  2. Diploma of the Dermatological Scientist
    This award is granted by the JSID with an aim to foster and support the students from overseas.
  3. SID/JSID Young Fellow Collegiality Awards
    By providing an opportunity for international exchange between the Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID) and the JSID, this award is aimed to be beneficial for the development of young researchers in aspects of research and experience.
  4. ESDR/JSID Young Fellow Collegiality Awards
    By providing an opportunity for international exchange between the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) and the JSID, this award is aimed to be beneficial for the development of young researchers in aspects of research and experience.
  5. ASDR/JSID Exchange Program
    The exchange program is organized by the Australasian Society for Dermatological Research (ASDR) and the JSID from 2011.
*Please refer to the JSID website for further details.

Part 2

December 10 (Sat) 15:00-15:20 Room A
JJSID Honorary Membership

Oral and Poster Presentations, One-minute presentation

Committee members selected by the JSID Committee of Scientific Activities will distribute the abstracts as 15-18 plenary sessions, 25-30% oral sessions and 70-75% poster sessions. These will be selected by impartial judgments.

[Come to See My Poster Session, One-minute presentation]
This year, in principle, the authors who have only poster presentations must make a one-minute presentation. The presentations should be made with one slide in one minute. Time for questions and answers will not be allotted. Coauthors can make the presentations instead of the first authors.

The 17th Galderma Award Presentation and Ceremony

December 9 (Fri) 16:45-17:45 Room A

LEO Foundation Awards 2016 in association with the JSID

December 11 (Sun) 10:15-11:15 Room A

Luncheon Seminars

December 9 (Fri)   12:45-13:45 Room A, B, C
December 10 (Sat)   12:20-13:20 Room A, B
12:20-14:20 Room D
December 11 (Sun)   12:55-13:55 Room A, B, C

Sweets Seminars

December 9 (Fri)   15:35-16:35 Room A, B, C
December 10 (Sat)   15:30-16:30 Room A, B, C

Morning Seminars

December 10 (Sat)   8:00-8:50  Room A, B
December 11 (Sun)   8:00-8:40  Room B, C

Poster Discussion (Odd number) & Welcome Reception

*Free of charge: included in the registration fee
Date: December 9 (Fri) 18:50-21:00
*Poster discussion time: 18:50-19:40
Venue: SENDAI INTERNATIONAL CENTER 2F "Exhibition Hall" (Poster room)

Poster Discussion (Even number)

Date: December 9 (Fri) 18:10-19:00
Venue: SENDAI INTERNATIONAL CENTER 2F "Exhibition Hall" (Poster room)

Social Gathering

*Free of charge: included in the registration fee
Date: December 10 (Sat) 19:00-21:00